Kaydoo FAQ

---------- General Questions ----------

What is Kaydoo?
How does Kaydoo work?
What can I sell on Kaydoo?
What are your terms of service?
What are Kaydoo's fees?
How long will my item remain for sale?
What if my item does not sell?

---------- Video Questions ----------

What about the video?
How should I make my video?
I have my own video converter what settings should I use?
I don't have any pictures or video of my item(s). Can I still sell with Kaydoo?
How can I upload a longer video?.

---------- Stores ----------

What are benefits of a Kaydoo store? What does it cost?
Will my store have an Internet address?

---------- Fundraising ----------

How does fundraising work?
What does a fundraiser cost?
Can I sell an item to benefit my fundraiser?
What options does my fundraiser have?
What if someone sends me a check, uses a credit card, etc.?
At checkout the donor options are not being displayed

---------- Feedback Questions ----------

Why don't you use a "star" type review system?

---------- PayPal Questions ----------

Do I need a PayPal account to receive money from PayPal?
Why must my Kaydoo email address be the same as my PayPal email address?
How can I check or change my email address on file with Kaydoo?

---------- Other Questions ----------

I forgot my password!
About Kaydoo
Where can I read about changes, announcements, etc.?
Where can I find things to sell on Kaydoo?
What if I have a question not answered here?