Why Don't You Use A "Star" Type Of Review System?

The Short Answer
It isn't fair

The Long Answer
A Seller can provide excellent service and still have their online reputation
damaged by a reviewer who has the attitude: "nobody is perfect."
We won't get into that argument here but if the Seller does everything
right what more can be reasonably expected?

A Buyer seeing a Seller with a perfect 5 Star Rating may feel
pressured to give that Seller a 5 star review even though the Buyer feels
some parts of the transaction were not 5 star worthy.

The Kaydoo review system looks at the overall experience.
Instead of wondering if a Seller deserves 4.5 stars or 5 stars
the transaction is graded as:

While nothing is perfect -ahem- we feel that this review method
is a fair compromise for the Buyer and Seller.
A Buyer receives the information they need when deciding to make
a purchase. The Seller does not have their reputation damaged from
unreasonable expectations.