Kaydoo Store FAQ

Kaydoo stores are for anyone who has multiple items for sale
and wants to bring even more visibility to their listings.

Easy to set-up, Kaydoo stores are available to any registered
user with at least one item for sale.
Best of all Kaydoo stores are absolutely free!

Follow the steps below to create your own Kaydoo store!

To begin creating a store you must be registered and logged in.
Use the button at the end of this page to register.

Only one store per login name.

After logging in, go to the Kaydoo home page and click on the text

Create Store

You will be brought to the New Store Setup page.

Select a name and brief description for your store.

Note: although it is used in our example, we strongly encourage you not to use the
word "store" in your store name. That is a very popular word, using it will not make you stand out.

Select up to 3 different categories that can be used to search for your store.

Store Setup

Click on

Create my Kaydoo store

to finish creating your store.
If the store name you have selected is already in use
you will be prompted to enter a different name.


Once your store is set-up you can begin adding items to it.
You have the option to add an item to your store when you create a new Kaydoo listing.
Simply click on the "Yes" radio button to add the item to your store inventory.

There is no limit to the number of items you can have in your store.

Click Yes to add item to store


With Kaydoo your store items stand out when search results are displayed.
Items in a store are highlighted with asterix. A button is automatically displayed
that encourages visitors to your store.

Search results that include a store item


Visitors to your Kaydoo store will see a familiar layout.
Your store name and description are at the top of the page.
Your feedback score and registration date are also displayed.

Kaydoo storefront


Kaydoo stores, a great way to bring increased visibility to your video listings.

Happy Selling!