How should I make my video?

Creating a video for your Kaydoo listing is easy and fun.
Below are some suggestions to help you get started.

The 4 W's of a Kaydoo video.

What is the item.
This is when you introduce your item.
Your introduction might sound like this:

"Today we have for sale..."
"Here we have a..."
"This is a..."

Kaydoo suggests the following introduction:

"Hello for sale on Kaydoo we have..."

This introduces what you are selling and the website where they can buy
the item if the buyer decides to come back at a later time.
If you have a Kaydoo store, include the name of your store.

What about the item
This is where you describe:
what your item does,
advantages of this item,
its condition,
any flaws should be shown and explained,
warranties and inspection periods are detailed here.

What about the item is where crafters, artisans, fundraisers and charities can really shine!

Crafters and artists:
The details about how the item was made or video
showing it being made really adds a personal touch.

Describe why you make the particular item and what it
means to you. Details like this really make your listing stand out.

Fundraisers and charities:
This is the time to describe the cause you are raising money for.
People love to hear and see these details. The more you can share
the more successful you will be.

Why is this item being sold?
This is the time to reassure your buyer they are not buying a lemon.
Maybe you want an upgrade, maybe you are no longer using the item, whatever the
case may be, let the buyer know. If there is a problem with the item
be upfront, describe and show it. This will prevent any misunderstandings.

Thank the viewer for their time.
Repeat what your item is on or your Kaydoo store.
Repeat and summarize the features, benefits and condition of the item you are selling.

**Repeat impressions are lasting impressions, lasting impressions make sales**

To see an example of the Kaydoo 4 W's and how you can use them, click on the button below
to see our sample listing. And no, the ducks are not for sale!

Happy selling!