Where can I find things to sell on Kaydoo?

A question we often receive is "where can I find things to sell on Kaydoo?"
We put together this page to help our sellers locate things to sell on Kaydoo.

Once you know where to look, you won't believe the abundance of things you can find
and make money selling on Kaydoo.

Houshold Items
Go through your garage, attic and closets. Most households have hundreds or even thousands
of dollars worth of stuff that can be sold. Don't fall in to the trap of thinking:
"no one would buy this..."

Remember the old adage: one man's garbage is another man's gold.

Garage Sales
You've sold all the stuff in your house and now you are looking for more things to list. Garage sales
are a great way to find things to resell. Go at the end of the day. By then you have a seller who is
anxious to unload their stuff and will usually give you an excellent price.

Flea Markets
Use the same strategy as with garage sales. At the end of the day you have a seller who just wants
to get rid of their merchandise so they do not have to pack it all up and haul it home.

Storage Units
We have all seen these things. If people do not pay the rent for their storage unit, the contents
are usually auctioned off. Reselling these items will usually make you a huge profit. A bad deal typically
means you break even-which is not too bad at all.
A call to the manager will get you the specifics of when and how the auctions are conducted.

Consignment and Retail Inventory
Consignment is selling something on behalf of someone else. You keep a portion of the profit for having sold
the item, your fee.

Retail businesses always have items they cannot sell: "scratch and dent," returned items, overstock, etc. By selling
these items you will be doing the business a tremendous service. You will be making the business money on inventory
that they cannot move.
You have to start small when you do this. Don't think you will be selling on consignment for Wal-mart!
But as your reputation grows, you will have a steady stream of inventory to sell.