What are Kaydoo's fees?

The seller of an item is responsible for paying Kaydoo's listing fee.
Kaydoo will automatically deduct its listing fee at the time the item
is paid for by the buyer.

Kaydoo only uses PayPal to process payments.

Kaydoo charges the following fee on "regular" non-fundraiser listings
only after a sale is made:

$2.00 for an item $3.00 - $20.00
$3.00 for an item $20.01 - $60.00
$4.00 for an item $60.01 - $110.00
$5.00 for an item $110.00 - on up

Fundraisers are charged the following fee: $1.00 per donation.

A regular listing that is donated to
a fundraiser (where the proceeds benefit
the fundraiser) is charged the regular listing

There is no fee to list, relist or delete a listing.

Kaydoo fees are in addition to whatever fee(s) PayPal
charges for its services. As of this writing PayPal charges

2.9% + .30¢