Founder's Message

Kaydoo creates an unforgettable way for people to come together.
Nevertheless a website such as Kaydoo does not happen on its own.
The founder would like to use this space to acknowledge
those whose contributions helped make the Kaydoo website possible.

My parents, Ann and Robert.
My parents bought me my first computer
at a time when home computers were rare
and started a lifelong interest in computers.

My brothers Randy and Andrew,
who shared their knowledge and
showed me a whole new world of possibilities.

Numerous friends and colleagues
demonstrated the meaning of character and giving back.
There are too many to list; however, I must mention:
Carolyn Wollen, Peter DiChristina and Jeff Lynch.

When I first told my wife, Margaret, my idea for a new website
she had complete confidence in me. The fact that I knew
nothing about building a website, starting a business or all the other details
involved to get to this point did not bother her.
I told Margaret I was going to build a website and she believed in me.

Margaret is from Bisbee, a charming town located
in southeast Arizona that is known for copper mining.

Throughout the Kaydoo website the buttons used to make things happen have
been given a copper color. This is my way of acknowledging Margaret's support
without which this website would not exist.
Thank you, Margaret.

Phoenix, Arizona
January 2015