Kaydoo Fundraising

At Kaydoo we consider it a privilege to give back to our community.
To that end we offer a unique opportunity, fundraising listings.

Kaydoo fundraisers are a quick and easy way to get your fundraiser on the
Internet without the hassle of a dedicated website. Anyone with access
to a computer and the Internet can create and manage a Kaydoo fundraiser.

All Kaydoo fundraiser listings are commercial free so visitors will be totally
focused on your cause. With social network links included your fundraiser is sure
to reach the largest possible audience ensuring your success.

Kaydoo fundraiser listings are the same duration as our regular listings,
90 days with a 30 day relist option. You can renew your fundraiser as often
as you wish and terminate at any time.

Kaydoo fundraisers offer a simple low cost fee structure of $1.00 per donation plus a
PayPal transaction charge (.029% +.30). For example a $20.00 donation will result
in $18.14 going to your cause. Kaydoo offers special rates for non-profit groups
please contact us at ListingManager@Kaydoo.com for more information.

To create your fundraiser, login and click create new listing. You will
have the option to make your new listing a fundraiser.

Fundraising with Kaydoo an easy, effective way to reach your fundraising goal.