Getting Started

*Do you have a PayPal account?*
Kaydoo only uses PayPal to process payments.
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Your listing can have up to 3 pictures and a video.
Kaydoo will automatically resize your gallery picture
(the small picture!).

Kaydoo uses MP4 video.
Need a converter for your video?
Download our free MP4 video converter.
Seller Tools

*Manage Your Listings*
With the Listing Tools you can easily manage
active listings, answer questions, even edit or delete a listing.
Your items remain on sale for 30 days.
Items not sold can be re-listed for free.
Or you can wait up to 60 days to relist an item.

*Get Paid*
When your item sells, your money is deposited directly into your PayPal account.
An e-mail will be sent to notify you of the sale and payment.
Kaydoo will subtract its commission at the time of payment.

Have a number of items you want to sell?
Consider opening a Kaydoo store.
A store is free to open.
Buyers can search for your items by your store name.
A Visit Store button is automatically displayed
when store items are keyword searched.